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History of Michigan Pagan Fest

Past Pictures

Some kinds words from past attendees

A few pictures of our Community at Michigan Pagan Fest!

Michigan Pagan Fest 2017!

Thanks Bumper! Sooo many great shots!!!

Thanks Bronwyn for the bonus children's photos!

Please click a link to view pics. Swipe works and moving your mouse over the image pauses it.

Children's - Concert - Main Ritual - Miscellaneous - Raffle - Variety - Workshops

A few pictures of our Community at Michigan Pagan Fest!

Michigan Pagan Fest 2016!

Thanks Bumper!

Next year Bumper will be our official photographer and he will cover many more areas!

Please click a link to view pics.

Children's & Site - Coming-of-Age - Masquerade - Miscellaneous - Variety-Show - Vendors - Workshops

A few pictures of our Community at Michigan Pagan Fest!

Michigan Pagan Fest 2015!

Thanks Bumper, Facebook friends, Diane and more for the pictures!

Next year Bumper will be our official photographer and he will cover many more areas!

Please click a link to view pics.

Children's - Miscellaneous - All Wrayven - Wrayven Photo Shoot - Vendors - Friday Night Talent!

A few pictures of our Community at Michigan Pagan Fest!

Michigan Pagan Fest 2012!

Thanks Amber and more for the pictures!

Please click a link to view pics.

Candid's - Children - Miscellaneous - Opening Rit - Vendors - Workshops / Concerts

Michigan Pagan Fest 2011!

Thanks David, Moira and more for the pictures!

Please click a link to view pics. Concerts - Headliners - I'm A Witch - MPF General - Panel Discussion - Headliner Dinner - Staff

Michigan Pagan Fest 2010!

Wish there were more, but jeeeesh, it was just so cold . . . but amazing!

Please click a link to view pics. Our Children - Vendors - People - Headliners - NEW, Pics by Haley from Spiral Dance

  • A little note from one of our co-directors

    Good day to our wonderful community! Before rushing in and updating this website for 2012 (because we all need a much needed rest after such a wonderful festival) I wanted to post just a portion of the feedback we are getting from the attendees, vendors and headliners on Michigan Pagan Fest 2010 and 11! There have also been many wonderful and helpful suggestions (you know who you are and we thank you) and we will be applying them to our next festival!

    Please take a moment to absorb the heartfelt appreciations we received.

    Much Love and Light . . . Diane

  • Alea

    I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed my time at Michigan Pagan festival. I have never felt the spiritual connection in gatherings of my former faith. This festival I felt the love of people and of earth. I felt connected to life. I felt calm, and relaxed and came back to this life of hustle and bustle refreshed. The healing circle hosted by Selena Fox was beautiful. There was so much love, power and emotion that I did get choked up and cried some tears in the wonderful feelings that were in the room. Mama Gina was great too. I thought she was fun and informative and got her class involved in the discussion. She helped me understand things better. Damh the bard was great! They put on a great show and their poetry workshop was very enjoyable. I liked everything and it came and went so fast. I think about the festival everyday because it brought me joy and peace and hope. I liked camping with everyone and loved it was a smaller gathering. It was nice to see everyone everyday and be neighbors though we don't know each other. It was community pitching in to help the day of the storm. It was a beautiful sight to see humans helping one another and to be connected to life itself and the spiritual sustenance was truly a delicious, nutritious meal. I wanted to say thank you for this experience that touched me in my heart, mind, body and spirit. It will never be forgotten!

    Blessed be,


  • Deb

    Thank you for making a great fantastic brilliant awesome weekend for many pagans in Michigan. We loved it all and will definitely be back next year. We are going to spread the word on how cool it was and hopefully will get even more people there next year. You did a fantastic job!

    Hugs, Deb

  • Stephanie

    We had a marvelous time!  Great community people. The weather could have been better but it was all good. 

    Raven and I are happy to have been at the first one and hope that we were a successful draw.  I know it wasn't a money maker but it certainty had to be a great building block.

    Love and hugs-

  • Jim

    I had a blast and very grateful you did the event. I still can't get over that panel discussion, that was great.

  • Elspeth

    Dear One,

    I'm really writing to say again how much we enjoyed your event.
    It was well planned, evidenced by the organization visible both Saturday and Sunday.
    It was well run, evidenced by the fact that your people all seemed to know what they were doing.

    It was good to spend bits of time with Roger - that's all one ever gets, anyway!

    We met new and potentially helpful people, we enjoyed the luxurious hotel,
    we found watching you at work enlightening - in short, it was grand!

    Hopefully we will see you in FL. in Nov.

    Elspeth, for the two of us

  • Roger

    I just wanted to thank everyone for a wonderful time at the Michigan Pagan Fest.  For a first time festival, what I saw was astounding and outstanding.  Your festival rates up there with others that have been in operation for decades.  Your staff remained friendly, courteous and warm even though they may have been harried, tired and cold.  I know the cold weather may have kept a few people away, but I got to believe that those who braved the cold will want to come again next year.  Diane, please pass this on to others who labored tirelessly making it all come together.  You guys were great!

    Roger Coleman
    Principal Minister
    Church of Iron Oak, ATC
    Founder, Florida Pagan Gathering

  • Iris

    :) Yes, and if I can help by inviting folks who would be interested next year, I would be happy to help.

    It was a great event and I really enjoyed meeting all of the guests, and really everyone who came was fun and friendly. Thanks for including me.

  • Bret

    I just want to tell you guys that you did a fantastic job, and I cannot wait until next year.

     - Bret

  • Max

    Michigan's festival was awesome. Spiral Dance rocked the place! Enjoyed spending time with their drummer - a kindred spirit. His son is also a drummer. So was my father, who was, in part, the reason I drum. Good times, mate!


  • Moira

    Things were simply outstanding:

    The couple who ran the food stand -- shining stars! They were friendly (even let me warm up inside once when I thought I was going to crack).

    The volunteers -- they were wonderful and extremely helpful!

    The Headliners -- I'm only upset we can't get them every year! GREAT selections and thank you so much for them!

    The location - PERFECT! Loved the outdoors, proximity to everything.

    The attendees - WOW, we have such a fabulous community!

    Love you,


    P.S. Yes you can use the feedback. I have been talking about it nonstop since last weekend! I have felt so honored to have met so many fabulous people -- really, it has been like a "coming home" for me, discovering my community!

  • Randy

    Randy - I had a great time!!!! Let's do it again next year...when it's WARM!!!!! LOL!

  • Adrian

    Totally looking forward to next year!

  • Áine

    Áine ... is just home from a fantastic Pagan Fest ! The Reverend and I had a *wonderful* time! Getting to meet and spend time with so much of the ATC family all at once was just so fabulous, I can't even say! I am grateful to have gotten to be a part of this beautiful, transformative and educational event! I'm already looking forward to next year! Thanks so much for having us! :)

  • Becki

    Good Times, Good Times!!!