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Rev. R. Max Maya, M.A. - (Religious Studies & Secondary Social Sciences)

Philosophy of Education: A very wise man once told me that an individual cannot go farther than that individual's learning. I think we can agree that knowledge is a process that can help the brain, mind and soul to act in unison toward achievement of goals. Knowledge, learning and synthesis of the three can bring about levels of comprehension, thinking, revelation, manifestation and expansion that will result in what some might call "miracles.” The foundation of that knowledge is how it is received and molded into the self in order to produce change within the individual. Thus, all education is profitable for the advancement of the soul; however, some education may not be profitable for the active, positive evolution of the soul. Thus the essence of the relationship between teacher and student is one of questioning, synthesis and balance.  This type of education is beyond doctrine and dogma and has no orthodoxy. The big “mystery” in all this is that the data, examples, thought, art and music are contained in all the world’s religions, philosophies, arts and sciences. Our work is to explore all of it to find out or remember what applies to our path and progression.


Masters of Arts: (2000) University of South Florida, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Religious Studies – New Religions in America/ University of South Florida, College of Education, Department of Secondary Education – Secondary Social Sciences/ Diversity Post-graduate Certificate

Bachelors of Arts: University of South Florida, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Religious Studies - Ethics

Associate of Applied Science: Community College of the Air Force – Weather Technology

Senior Minister at The Temple of Spiritual Awareness: Rev. Dr. Suzanne Daniele-George, Largo, Florida  Ordination: March, 2016

Certified Consulting Hypnotist: National Guild of Hypnotist, April, 2014

Minister/ Priest of Melchizedek: Chapel of the Divine Spirit: Pastor Sandra Spaldi, Holiday, Florida  Ordina  May 25, 2008

Kilap Silat, Qi-Qong: Sifu Richard Clear, jr. – Tampa, Florida, Oct.,1999

Minister/ High Priest: Educational Liaison to The Church and School of Wicca. Founders  Gavin and Yvonne Frost, Hinton, West Virginia  Ordination: September, 1996

Masonry:  Holyrood Lodge No.257 F.&A. M.  Tampa, Florida/ Ivanhoe Commandery of Knights Templar No. 8/York Rite Masonry (Tampa, Florida, 2002)/ Scottish Rite Mason(Dothan, Alabama, 1990)/ Mystic Order of the Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm/ Carmichael Lodge (Enterprise, Alabama -1989) Lifetime Member.

Judaism studies/ Islam & Democracy Studies: USF, 1995 – 2000 (Dr. Jacob Nuesner (USF), Rabbi Kaplan in Tampa/ Dr. Tamara Sonn (USF), Imam Sammi Al-Arian, Masjid Al –Qassam, Temple Terrace, Florida.

Palo Mayombe Palero: Ile de Jose Rivero – August, 1995 - Santeria Medio-Santo: Ile de Jose Rivero (Babalawo- Father of Mysteries) – Tampa, Florida, July, 1994

Islamic Studies(Sunni): World Islamic League, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Imam Kahn – March, 1986

The Way International, Advanced Class:  Tampa, Florida – 1984 A.M.O.R.C./ Rosicrucian Studies: Tampa, Florida – 1983 thru 1985

Military Mystic Study: Psychokinesis, Chi manipulation, martial art elements. Elmendorf AFB, Alaska - 1977

Theravada Buddhism/ Lotus (Thai martial art) Studies: Ubon, Thailand – 1973

Christian Lay Ministry/ Church of Christ: Ubon, Thailand – 1973

Mu Duk Kwan (a type of Tae Kwan Do)/ Thai folk mysticism: Tahkli, Thailand – July, 1972

Apache Mescalero Medicine Work: Ruidoso, New Mexico, 1972-73. (my ex-wife and her family lived in Bent, New Mexico)

Haida, Tlingit Native American Medicine Work – (Friends from church were members of the tribes ) Anchorage, Alaska -1968,

Student study group in mysticism and candle magic – Anchorage, Alaska – 1968 thru 71.

Out of body experience – Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio - Fall, 1965.  Begin studies in the “occult” and mysticism.

Classes Available:
Introduction to Religion
Introduction to Religious Ethics
Introduction to World Religions/ Western Religious Traditions/ Eastern Religious Traditions/ Mysticism
Native American Religions
Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, High Magic, Islam, Judaism, Metaphysical Religion, Neo-Paganism, Paganism, Satanism, Wicca and Witchcraft
Life After Death, Death and Dying,, The Underworld
Sympathetic Magic, Ceremonial Magic, Ritual and Magic
Psychokinesis, Mind and Magic, Advanced Seminars
Clergy and Priests, Liturgy, Praise and Worship


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