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Amber K - has been a priestess of the Wiccan faith for 37 years. She was initiated at the Temple of the Pagan Way in Chicago, has served as High Priestess of the Coven of Our Lady of the Woods, and is co-founder of the Ladywood Tradition of Wicca. For several years she worked with the Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess, and she has served three terms as National First Officer of Covenant of the Goddess (COG), the largest federation of Witches’ covens and solitary Witches.

Her partner, Azrael Arynn K has been a Wiccan priestess for more than 23 years, and has served as First Officer of the Chamisa Local Council of COG, National Secons Officer of COG, and High Priest of Our Lady of the Woods. She holds a Doctorate in Law and a Master’s in Architecture, and travels widely, teaching the Craft with Amber.

Amber’s books include True Magick: A Beginner’s Guide, Covencraft, and others. Azrael and Amber co-authored The Heart of Tarot, Candlemas: Feast of Flames, Ritualcraft, How to Become a Witch, and their newest work, True Wand Magick: Desire, Will, and Focus.

Amber and Azrael were handfasted in 1994. They live in northern New Mexico at the campus of Ardantane Pagan Learning Center, where Amber is Executive Director and Azrael is Dean of the School of Sacred Living.


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